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Cailey Visits Arizona

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 10/1/2001
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Photos of my granddaughter, Cailey Hope Kinder.

Dorothy Elizabeth decided to come for a month-long visit, in October, coinciding with our bringing my Mom back to Florida for her winter stay there. Since we drove Mom home, it made sense for us to drive Dorothy and her baby, our granddaughter, Cailey, back with us.

Even though it wasn't the most direct route, we went by way of the Rockies.

The Kinders Arrive

Cailey's Daddy (and Dorothy Elizabeth's fiancé, Frank) and his parents joined us for a weekend. Cailey was happy to meet them at the airport!

And they were glad to see her!

Grand Canyon

Since Cailey had never seen Grand Canyon (and neither had her father or Kinder-side grandparents), we had to take them all, and rode up in the Kinders' rental van.

Frank seemed to enjoy it. Or was it just being with his baby?

In fact they—Franks father, Joe; his mother, Kathy, and Frank himself seemed equally awed by the Canyon. Cailey was just happy to be with them all.

Dorothy Elizabeth's sister (and my daughter), Karen, had also come with us, along with my grandson, Zachary, who, having been here before, was an old hand at Grand Canyon.

Or, as he put it when we got to the railing: "Want in!"

So, we went in!

Overall, the trip was deemed a success.

Joe Kinder, Karen, Michael, Zachary, Dorothy Elizabeth, Cailey, Frank , Paul, Kathy Kinder