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Gates Pass

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 1/26/2014
Posted: 10/14/2017
Topics: #Arizona #GatesPass #Travel #Tucson Page Views: 110
All the photos from my unplanned 5-mile hike.

When my friend, Barbara, asked me to drive her (in her car) to a conference in Tucson, I was happy to oblige. When she suggested I drive around and sight-see while she was there, I was happy to take her up on the offer by visiting Gates' Pass. When I then drove into the mountains and locked the key in the car, I was less than happy, especially since there was no cell phone signal there. But as I walked the 5 miles to the nearest phone, I was happy to take dozens of photos along the way. And I'm happy to share them with you here.

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First Time Camping at Bartlett Lake

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 2/22/2015
Posted: 10/12/2017
Topics: #Arizona #BartlettLake #Phoenix #Photography #Travel Page Views: 111
Lots of photos of the cacti surrounding our on-the-beach campsite.

Impressed by what we'd seen of the place on our drive here a couple of days ago, Keith and I couldn't pack the car fast enough for our first camping trip on the beach.

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Driving to Bartlett Lake

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 2/15/2015
Posted: 10/12/2017
Topics: #Arizona #BartlettLake #Phoenix #Travel Page Views: 108
Beautiful photos of a fantastic Western landscape.

Today we felt like going for a drive, and Keith suggested Bartlett Lake. But this time we focused (literally) on the beauties of the drive there.

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San Francisco Peaks

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 10/8/2017
Topics: #Arizona #Flagstaff #SanFranciscoPeaks #Travel Page Views: 117
Spectacular photos of Arizona's highest point.

The San Francisco Peaks are a volcanic mountain range just north of Flagstaff. A remnant of the ancient San Francisco Mountain, the highest summit in its range is Humphreys Peak, which is also the highest point in the state of Arizona at 12,633 feet in elevation. The San Francisco Peaks are the remains of an eroded stratovolcano. An aquifer within the caldera supplies much of Flagstaff's water while the mountain itself is in the Coconino National Forest, a popular recreation site. The Arizona Snowbowl ski area is on the western slopes of Humphreys Peak, and has been the subject of major controversy involving several tribes and environmental groups.

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Is The Number of Earthquakes Increasing?

By: Paul S. Cilwa Updated: 9/30/2017
Topics: #Earthchanges #Earthquakes #Geology #Science Page Views: 161
Examining the evidence that the number of severe earthquakes has been increasing significantly over the past two decades.

One of the terrific things about government science is the free availability of the information we've paid through our taxes to gather. Thus the United States Geological Survey maintains the USGS earthquake site with all kinds of goodies for the earthquake aficionado ranging from real-time earthquake reporting to downloadable historical data. Recently I downloaded a list of all earthquakes above magnitude 3, that have occurred since 1900. What I found shook me up a bit (pun intended: we may as well laugh about it!).

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Ella Unleashed

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 9/25/2017
Topics: #Photography #Techniques #Touchups Page Views: 153
How to use the clone brush to erase unwanted elements from your photo.

Sometimes you take a picture that's absolutely perfect, or nearly so—except for one glaring flaw. Perhaps a pigeon photo-bombed that shot of the bride and groom; or that great picture of you might be perfect for Grindr except for that wedding ring. Or, as is frequently the case with me, you might want to remove a leash from your dog that was present in reality but spoils the aesthetic. Fortunately, something like this is usually quite easy to fix.

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Digital Touchups

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 9/24/2017
Topics: #Photography #Techniques #Touchups Page Views: 133
How to punch up an ordinary photo to make it outstanding.

Photographers have always used any tool at hand to add interest to their photographs. I'm not talking about things like thought balloons or bunny ears; I have more in mind techniques that are bit farther than adjusting overall exposure or sharpness, yet still well within what looks like a perfectly normal photo.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 3/27/2007
Updated: 9/16/2017
Topics: #DigitalPhotography Page Views: 189
When scanning or saving digital photos, you'll want to know how much resolution you need.

Resolution refers to the number of pixels, or dots, into which your photo is broken. The more pixels, the smaller they are; the fewer, the larger. If you have large pixels, the resulting computer file will be smaller, because you will have fewer pixels to store. However, if you try to enlarge your photo, it will get blurry because bigger pixels mean fewer pixels, and that means less information to go around.

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Controlling The Uncontrollable

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 4/20/2007
Updated: 9/14/2017
Topics: #GunControl Page Views: 162
Are people really still talking about controlling access to guns? Because that ship has sailed.

The technology is called 3-D Printing, and it's here, today! Expensive, yes, but I'm sure the first Replicators will be, too. A 3-D printer can manufacture the parts for any device. The files describing the device can be originals, purchased, or shared. And once such a file exists, it can be used to create parts for one device, or for a million (although currently, 3-D printing is really only cost-effective for one or a few items). 3-D printers have already been used to create custom implants for surgical patients, as well as toys and art. The material from which the printer builds these items is supplied in cartridges, like the ink in an inkjet printer, and can itself be made of almost anything from metal-hard plastic to food. Which means that anyone who owns a 3-D printer can, if they wish to do so, "print" a gun.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Updated: 9/12/2017
Topics: #18-Wheeler #BigRigs #Schneider #TruckDriver #TruckDriving Page Views: 721
A collection of links to Truck Drivin' and Road Safety sites.

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