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Paul S. Cilwa


This is my personal website, currently containing 1,791 pages of essays, photography, and more. I use it as a live journal. Here you'll find my travel photos and stories, autobiographical episodes, samples of my writing and music, and much more!

You may browse my site by Timeline (the entries that include dates, will appear in chronological order); you can view it hierarchically ("Explore"), by Topics (keywords) and even a simple alphabetical listing by Titles.

My site is now Mobile-Friendly. Any page you read here, will be as readable and functional on your cell-phone or tablet as it is on a full-sized monitor.

I am still renovating this site, re-checking spelling and syntax and upgrading the photos, which had been compressed to save space, to their full-glorious resolution! If there's a page you'd like to see but appears to be broken, I haven't gotten to it yet. You can speed things up by sending me an email letting me know the title of the page that's giving you trouble. It would also help to know what browser you are using.

What's New on This Site

I've moved /both the Coronavirus and Aging Gratefully sections to the About Me section.


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Browse the site, organized by subject.

Here I've organized the pages by general interests, such as music or politics. I've also taken your interests in mind, dear reader; so here you'll also find an entry into specific series, like my Truck Driving Journal or my Alien Abduction diary.

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Browse the site in chronological order.

Many (although not all) pages on this site include a date and possibly time at which the event described occurred, the page was posted, or the page was updated. Here you can narrow a search down to as narrow a period as you like; or, alternatively, broaden it to all of time, set the Maximum Retrievals Per Page to 1000 and browse every page here!

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Search the site by keyword.

Topics, keywords, hashtags…they are called by many names. If the list below has a keyword in it, clicking Search will list every page in this site with that keyword/topic/hashtag.

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Browse the site by page title.

If you can remember the title of a page you think is somewhere on this site, you can find it by browsing through every title of every page on this site.

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Most Popular Posts

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My ten most popular posts.

Below are links to my ten most popular postings, starting with my all-time most-read posts.

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Contact Me

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How to contact Paul S. Cilwa.

The best way to contact me is…

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