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Dog Days

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Occurred: 4/30/2022
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You can't really be lonely if you live with dogs.

You'd think my dogs, Ella and Lilly, would miss Maui. But no; as long as they're near me, they seem to be happy as clams.

Here are Lilly (left) and Ella (right). This poor chew toy isn't going to last much longer. But they sure do love playing with it!

Until they get pooped and decide to take a nap.

I try to take them to Cosmo Dog Park every day or so, for an hour, to give them a chance to get in some excercise and socializing.

If someone throws a ball, Ella will swim to get it. Otherwise, she just kind of sits in the water.

On cooler days like this one, Lilly prefers to run with the other dogs.

But she will go in the water, especially if its hot, or if someone tosses a ball into it.

Ella also likes to make friends, but then if they won't follow her into the water, she'll drop them and try for another.

Eventually they tire out (usually about an hour) and sit, waiting for me to hold up the leashes. That's their cue that it's time to go.

Which brings us back to Lilly napping. However, she also likes to nap on the balcony (when I'm sitting there), and if she smells a dog being walked, she'll check it out.

As I go from room to room, they follow and drop right back into resting mode.

Since the weather has been nice, and we're on the second floor, I usually leave the balcony door open. That gives Ella a chance to not make up her mind whether to be inside, or out.

I haven't lived alone much of my life, so this is relatively new to me. And I never lived alone but with dogs, before. I have to say, though, that I am incredibly grateful to have them here with me.