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Swimming Cosmo

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/3/2024
Occurred: 4/28/2022
Posted: 10/7/2023
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Topics: #Autobiography
A dog park with a lake they can swim in!

Cosmo Dog Park, located in Gilbert, Arizona, is a beloved spot for local dog owners and their furry friends. The park opened in July 2006 and quickly gained recognition for its unique features. In fact, just a year after its opening, Cosmo Dog Park was named Dog Park of the Year for 2007 by DOG FANCY. To be honest, I stumbled on it while looking up dog parks in Google Maps. They love it, but because it's a bit of a walk from the car, I don't like to take them when the temperature exceeds 100°F since the ground gets too hot for them to walk on.

What sets Cosmo Dog Park apart from other dog parks is its lake, a feature that many dogs thoroughly enjoy, and, as far as Ella is concerned, is the only reason to go. The park spans almost four acres and includes separate sections for active and timid dogs. It also offers benches, tables, mutt-mitt stations, drinking fountains, and wash stations.

For us humans, there's a nice covered area with picnic tables to sit at and watch the dogs…and the other dog lovers.

Ella will swim for awhile, then come up and scratch herself in the sand before diving back in.

Lilly, in general, prefers to socialize with other dogs. But she is a strong swimmer and she will definitely swim out to catch a ball if I throw one!

I let them hang out for an hour. Then I stand up, hold their leashes in the air, and both Lilly and Ella will trot over to meet me at the gate.

I love the level of unspoken communication we have.