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Central America

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
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All the photos and stories from my travels in Central America.
Central America

Central America is kind of weird, because it doesn't really exist. That is, the area it's generally thought to emcompass, is actually considered to be part of North America. And some countries, for example Spain, consider North and South America to be just one continent, Amèrica.

So why does Central America earn a special section in my Places section? Primarily because most of my readers will think of it as a distinct entity; so this will aid in their finding these pages if they wish.

Besides, when I was unexpectedly taken on a trip to Costa Rica, of course I was going to need a place to post the photos and tell the story.

And so, here we are.

Costa Rica

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 344
All the photos and stories from my travels in Central America.

Costa Rica is a little country in Central America, nestled between Nicaragua to the North and Panama to South. It isn't little in terms of tourism, however; it receives more tourists than any other Central American country and, indeed, makes more money from tourism than any other industry. This has allowed Costa Rica to have invented the idea of ecotourism, since borrowed by many other countries with particular value in terms of natural wealth. And when there, the locals appear to really be happy to provide their service and friendliness with the tourists who come and go. And it makes sense; they are well-paid for their efforts and, let's face it, they get to live and work in an unusually beautiful sliver of Earth.

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