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Sad Visit To The North Cascades

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 2/23/2024
Occurred: 5/21/2010
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Topics: #Places #Washington #Cascades
A trip to assist a friend in mourning includes spectacular scenery.

Yesterday, after work, one of my co-workers drove me to Sky Harbor Airport where I boarded an Alaskan Airlines jet to Seattle. Michael has a number of nephews and nieces who live in Portland, Oregon; I would have loved to see them but I was heading in the opposite direction: North to the Cascades, to play good Samaritan with one of my dearest friends, Ann.

Since the flight was scheduled to arrive late, I had decided to spend last night in Seattle. I got a room for $25 before taxes. I love Priceline. The whole trick to bidding on rooms is to do it the day before you need it. By that time, the hotels are desperate enough to fill their empty accommodations they will accept almost any bid.

Since this was the plan, I contacted a friend who lives in Seattle, hoping we could have dinner together or at least have a chance to chat. However, one of his friends had just gotten dumped by his partner of five years, and he needed to comfort the guy. It was just as well, though, as I was pretty zonked from the flight anyway. I wound up grabbing a bite to eat at a nearby Denny's, then stretched out on a too-hard bed at Extended Stay.

Fortunately, my stay at Extended Stay wasn't.

In the morning I headed out for Blaine, WA. I had brought my GPS and punched Ann's address into it. I had also brought my flash drive with dozens of albums on it. Newer cars accept a flash drive and play the songs on it through the stereo. I love the 21st century.

Technically, Ann lives in Blaine but really she lives near the shore of Birch Bay. Birch Bay has its own identity but not its own post office, which makes it technically Blaine. However, the people there don't really like the rest of Blaine and don't speak much about it.

A Day by Birch Bay

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 5/21/2010
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Topics: #BirchBay #Washington
I visit my dear friend, Ann, in Birch Bay, Washington.

Usually farms and ranches are given a name, and then a sign is created to celebrate that name. However, in addition to being farmers and artists, James and John are also scavengers who manage to find discarded articles and given them a new life. For example, the day I visited, James had bought a sailboat hull. The hull was cracked and could never again be used as a boat. But James planned to clean it up, hoist it in the air, fill it with ice and use it as a bar!

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Scattering Jim

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 5/22/2010
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Topics: #NorthCascadesHighway #Glacier #Washington #BirchBay #Metaphysics
I experience endings and beginnings in northern Washington state.

I had traveled 1500 miles from Mesa, Arizona to Birch Bay, Washington, for a specific purpose: To support my long-time friend, Ann, in scattering the ashes of her late husband, Jim. So, now that I had had a day to recuperate from the trip itself, it was time to do the deed.

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Finding Baker Hot Springs

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 5/23/2010
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Topics: #BakerHotSpring #Washington #HotSprings
I locate an illusive hot spring in northern Washington state.

My last full day in Washington state was spent tracking down a hot spring hidden in the Cascades.

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