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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind


By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
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All about the visits I've made to Colorado.
Colorado state flag

Colorado first came to my attention by way of John Denver, whose song "Rocky Mountain High" became popluar while I worked as a radio disk jockey. And even now that I've been in Colorado many times, I still feel a kinship with John Denver and Dan Folgelberg, who also maintained a residence in the state.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 7/3/2010
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Topics: #GlenwoodSprings #Colorado #Zachary #BuenaVista #Travel
Zachary and I spend his first day in Colorado.

My grandson, Zach, told me that what he really wanted for his birthday was to go on a rafting trip, as we had done last year on the Upper Salt River. However, he told me this after it was too late to add him to my reservation for the last trip of the season. And I so hated to disappoint him. So I told him we would go rafting, but it would have to be on some other river. He was okay with that as long as the river had "lots of Class IVs!" and let me know that Class Vs would be even better.

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Rocky Mountain High

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 7/4/2010
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Topics: #WildernessAware #BuenaVista #Colorado #ArkansasRiver #BrownsCanyon #Zachary
Zach and I raft the Arkansas River in Colorado!

Happy 4th of July! Although the day did end with fireworks, it began with "hot action" on the Arkansas River.

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Almost Heaven

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 7/5/2010
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Topics: #GardenoftheGods #ColoradoSprings #Colorado #Zachary
Zach and I explore the Rocky Mountains and the Garden of the Gods.

Today was the last day of Zach's and my trip to Colorado. We had spent our second night at an elevation of almost 8,000 feet, in which the thin air had not lessened the wind that buffeted our tent all night. But we awoke around 8am, and broke camp before descending to the bath house at the bottom of the hill for hot showers and a change into traveling clothes.

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Colorado Digital Art

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 4/11/2016
Posted: 4/28/2024
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Topics: #Colorado #DigitalArt
My digital art celebrating my 2010 trip to Colorado.

Colorado is too beautiful to leave it at just a visit or a few photographs. It needs to be artified! So here's a couple of pirces of digital art. Enjoy!

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