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To Carabelle, FL

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 2/23/2024
Occurred: 11/12/2023
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Topics: #Cross-Country #Tesla #Florida
Day 12 of my cross-country trip in my Tesla.
Starting Point Ending Point Miles Driven
New Port Richey, FL Carabelle, FL 256 Miles

On the 12th day of my 17-day road trip, I drove from New Port Richey to Carabelle, Florida. Along the way, I admired the diverse and beautiful scenery of the Gulf Coast. I saw white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush green forests, and charming small towns. The clouds were getting heavier as I drove, creating a dramatic contrast with the bright colors of the landscape. But first, it was time to wake up, which as usual I did around 6 AM (with a plan to return to sleep), to find an awesome sunrise about to make its appearance out my sister's terrace window.

After more napping, I woke to find my cousin, Sue, armed with geneaological data regarding me, her, and our many in-common relatives. There was Dad's birth certificate (complete with misspellings).

There were also a raft of photos I'd never seen before. I quick scanned them all onto my phone, with the plan to do some restoration work on them after I returned home. However, I do have some pretty powerful AI apps on my phone, and did a quick restoration of a portrait of Dad's.

After breakfast and more hugs, I returned to my car for one last look at Betty and Sue's condominium palace. (And yes, they own one of the boats in the marina!)

Going through Cross City, Florida, I spotted the below display of American flags in honor of yesterday's Veteran's Day.

Sadly, just past that was a kiosk adorned with confederate flags and a pro-Trump poster.


As mentioned, my goal was a motel in Carabelle, Florida. I didn't get there until after dark. But, before then, I did catch a couple of shots of the setting sun.