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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

The Key West Home Depot

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/8/2021
Occurred: 2/6/2017
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Helping Jenny get her house ready in Key West.

I awoke before John, and spent a little time in the Marriott's very nice Jacuzzi before returning upstairs to find John had already showered and was ready to make the final 1 ½ mile trek to Jenny's house.

John Cilwa

She had literally moved in less than a week previously, but had actually done an amazing amount of settling in. Still, packages were being delivered; men were staining her fence, landscapers were coming and going and a new picket fence was going to replace the old chainlink fence in front.

John Cilwa

It's a quiet side street, not unlike the one I grew up on in St. Augustine Beach. Which still didn't make me feel any better about my granddaughter, Gianna's, wandering into it—something that happened whenever she spotted a dog, cat or chicken on the other side of it. She would cry, "Run! Run!" and charge after it.

But we took her with us to Home Depot so that Jenny could pick up some plants. Gianna promptly found a couple of butterfly wind chimes that she liked and carried them throughout the store.

By the time we got back to Jenny's the effort of making the trip got to me and I took a nap on the porch, where I had decided I wanted to sleep for the rest of our visit.

John Cilwa

But Gianna never slowed down. She's 2, the age in which toddlers learn to use their bodies, usually by jumping on the furniture. Or off it.

I didn't get any pics of Gianna's baby brother Dominic on this day, because I was holding him pretty much the whole time I wasn't napping. But I made up for it the next!