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All about the twenty-fourth day of my 65th Birthday Trip.

This was the next to the last day of our monster camping trip, and we spent it driving.

Travel Day 24
Starting Point Wichita Falls, Texas
Ending Point Farmington, New Mexico
Accommodations Mooching off Keith's parents
Miles Covered 684
Estimated Driving Time 10 hours 6 minutes

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We got up early for this, one of our longest driving days on the trip. The first rest area we saw gave Keith something new to worry about: Rattlesnakes. And there were three different signs warning about them, including one at the dog walk and one at the entrance to a kids' playground. So, yeah.

I was somewhat surprised to note the number of windmills we saw along the way, since Texas is traditionally an "oil" state.

Nevertheless, we were both somewhat relieved to cross the border into New Mexico.

The New Mexico welcome center included this rather cool statue.

And then our run to Farmington began in earnest. Since this is Keith's home turf, he drove and I leaned out the window taking photos.

And then the sun began to set, and I figured I was done taking pictures.

I was wrong.

It was full-on dark when we approached Farmington, but the city lights as viewed from the mesa above it were just spectacular.

Keith's dad has cancer, and he and Keith's mom are staying in a special place adjacent to the hospital where he (Keith's dad) receives his radiation treatments. Keith and I shared a bed in their two-bed room. I really love his parents and love they way they've accepted me into their family.