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Occurred: 4/16/2016
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All about the eighth day of my 65th Birthday Trip.

Today's drive took us from super-civilized nothern Virginia to rural West Virginia, and my first granddaughter's other grandparents.

Travel Day 8
Starting Point Karen's house in Reston
Ending Point Bluefield, West Virginia
Accommodations The Kinders' House
Miles Covered 323
Estimated Driving Time 5 hours 1 minutes

The night before we were to leave, we discovered that my granddaughter, Cailey, was to be in "some kind of" show or recital, which was to go on all day but she would only appear for a short segment. But no one knew when that would be. I hoped it would happen in the afternoon so there'd be some hope of seeing it. So Keith and I decided to leave early.

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The tree blossoming in Karen's new condo's front yard was so pretty, I couldn't resist taking some shots of it before leaving.

After hugs all around, Keith and I said goodbye and headed for West Virginia and my oldest daughter, Dottie. But on the way I had to show Keith the Skyline Drive.

We could have stayed all day up there—at one point, I had considered actually camping up there. But we had relatives to visit, and they live in West Virginia.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late for Cailey's performance. However, we were all excited to learn her group had taken first prize, and they will be competing in Florida later in the year!