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All about the music I make, listen to, and love.

Music is my life, or at least its backdrop—and sometimes its foreground as well!

I enjoy composing, performing and recording music. I also enjoy playing it, attending concerts where it's played, and collecting odd and interesting pieces of music.

Digitizing Services

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How you can get me to do your own digitiing of your favorite old vinyl or even shellac!

We live in an amazing era when, almost every day, science provides a new, easier, way to accomplish what could be done only with difficulty the day before…if at all. 150 years ago, sound recording was, to put it simply, impossible. 50 years ago, it could be done at high quality only by buying time at an expensive recording studio. 20 years ago, fairly good recordings could be made at home, but distribution (via vinyl records) was still an expensive proposition, although small-scale, lesser-fidelity distribution via cassette tapes had also become possible.

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All about concerts and operas and musical plays I've attended.

I have friends who've been to hundreds of concerts. I, on the other hand, have been to enough to count on the fingers of two hands (with a few fingers left over). But that doesn't mean I don't like to attend. It just means I can't usually afford the price of modern concert tickets!

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Original Music

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Music written and/or recorded by me.

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Recorded Music

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All about the recorded music I love.

I have always been fascinated by audio recording: Both the technology and techniques, but also the material that has been recorded. We now have over a century's worth of recorded voices, speeches, books, and, of course, music. And each decade in that century has its own treasures worth unearthing.

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Techniques For Composing, Arranging, and Recording Music

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All you need to know to produce your own album!

Putting together an original album takes a lot of work, of course. To create a decent product takes a number of very different skills. The artist/producer must be able to compose music, create MIDI files of that music, and render studio-quality audio files of that music. Singing may also be required. And then there's mixing the various audio tracks to produce a final product, not to mention artwork for the album cover, prose for the album jacket, and a thick skin—because not everyone will adore your result.

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