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Posted: 8/13/2017
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Track 8 from my 1997 album 'The Man Who Isn't There'.

Written to be sung as a duet with my college bud Mike Tucker, this song was never sung by the two of us after all—scheduling conflicts got in the way. Still, I love the song. It expresses the depth of a life-long friendship through school days and beyond.

Spoons In The Dirt

By Paul S. Cilwa


Spoons in the dirt playing in our back yard;
Mud pies and real pies and old toys, bescarred.
The two of us played through times easy and hard, Laughing to be there, my friend.

History, geography, science and math,
Narrow escapes from our instructors' wrath,
Frequent side trips from the straight, narrow path,
Awesome to be there, my friend.

Through high school and college, your being around,
During half-time and free time was sure to astound,
So quick to make baskets and dates on rebound
The one on whom I could depend.

Now the road lies before us; its many forks lead,
To fame and obscurity. Let us proceed,
And remember, as years pass with unceasing speed,
That I'll never forget you, my friend.

I'll never forget you, my friend.