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Human Origins

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
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Topics: #History #HiddenHistory #HumanOrigins #Origins
A series of essays on mankind's hidden history.

At first glance, it might seem odd that we've been presented with only two accepted theories as to the origin of humankind: Special creation by a deity, or unguided evolution as a natural law. (Is there really so much of a difference?)

But…what if…there were a third option?

Well, of course there is. You just seldom hear about it. The word is panspermia, which is the idea that life may have originated on some distant planet, and have drifted here in the form of spores or viruses, forms that are known to be able to survive the rigors of space, and taken root. However, panspermia as usually understood refers to the origins of all life on Earth. But what about the possibility of further intervention afterwards, from the same world or some other?

And, even if life itself were either specially created or evolved naturally—what if later intervention resulted in the appearance of our very own species?

And would you surprised to learn there's a lot of empirical evidence supporting this theory?

But, if it is true, or even just a theory with evidence…why isn't it discussed publicly?

I thinkI know. And, if you read the below essays (and verify them, of course), you may find yourself developing the very same theory on your own.

One Of Our Planets Is Missing

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 8/30/2006
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Topics: #Science #Conspiracy #History #HumanOrigins #Nibiruans #Sumerians #ZechariaSitchin #Astronomy #Pluto
Pluto is demoted. Mickey and Minnie are not amused.

My goodness, such a fuss they're making! It's been a week since Pluto was demoted from Planet to Dwarf Planet, and this morning while riding in to work NPR had yet another essay—this one linking Pluto's downgrade to unsuccessful sports teams.

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No, No, Noah!

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 3/31/2014
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Topics: #Noah #Sumer #Utnapishtim #Ziasudra #Nibiru #ZechariaSitchin #HumanOrigins #History
Examining the story of Noah, a man who loved his boat.

I just finished watching the latest Biblical blockbuster, Noah, starring Russell Crowe. It was fun, or would have been if they'd allowed even the smallest hint of humor to make it to the screen. But even the weightiest script could not succeed in sinking this, perhaps the oldest of our myths. So let's look into this story: Not just the Biblical version, but the older variations (on which the Genesis account is based, more or less). Because there are many.

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Archaeological Coverups

By: David Hatcher Childress Page Views: 7630
Topics: #GrandCanyon #Archaeology #ConspiracyTheories #history #HumanOrigins
Indiana Jones isn't the only archaeologist to have his discoveries suppressed.

Who were the Mound Builders? No one was sure. But, in a period when the prevailing attitude was that Native Americans were primitive and savage, whites didn't believe they could possibly have been the Mound Builders. When Thomas came to the Bureau of Ethnology he was a "pronounced believer in the existence of a race of 'Mound Builders,' distinct from the American Indians."

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Were The Ancient 'Gods' Extraterrestrials?

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 5378
Topics: #History #Humanorigins #ZechariaSitchin
Have extraterrestrials ever visited earth, and if they did—did they interact with humans?

If Earth is being visited by aliens now, as many insist, then the question arises: Have aliens ever visited Earth in the past? If so, have they left evidence of their presence? If the answer is "yes," then the current visitations become easier to believe; and, if the visits have been made by the same aliens, then perhaps the purpose of the present encounters can be determined.

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The Myth of Lemuria

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 8146
Topics: #HumanOrigins #Lemuria #MadameBlavatsky #History
Did Lemuria ever really exist, and, if not, what are all those underwater stone monuments in the Pacific?

The Hindu tablets were supposed to have been written in the "lost language of the Naacal". A simple search of the Internet or any encyclopedia reveals that the "Naacal" never existed outside of Churchward's imagination; every reference to them is linked to Churchward—no one knows where they lived or when they lived, and they left absolutely no evidence of their existence outside of the tablets Churchward claimed to have found—and they don't appear to exist, either.

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