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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Protocol

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
Posted: 2/27/2014
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The specific protocol for the oral hydrogen peroxide therapy that cures bacterial, fungal, and even some parasitic infections, as well as cancers..

I've been chronicling my successes with hydrogen peroxide, and am so often asked for the specific protocol—which I described in bits and pieces—that I decided I would detail it here, for those interested enough in creating improved health for themselves.


Please note that the chemical symbol for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, which explains its other name, oxygenated water; because hydrogen peroxide is simply water with an extra oxygen atom per molecule. It will not conflict with any other medications or supplements you may be taking.

The point is that hydrogen peroxide, administered according to this protocol, kills germs, fungus, cancer cells and some parasites, by throwing them an extra oxygen atom. These microscopic enemies are anaerobic, which means they cannot live with that extra oxygen atom, which literally makes them explode. Your own body makes hydrogen peroxide as part of your immune response; but a bad infection (or a tumor) can overwhelm your natural ability to keep up; so the extra keeps your immune system at the top of its game.

Buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Pharmacy hydrogen peroxide, which is a 3% solution, contains stabilizers and is not recommended for drinking, though it is safe to use as a mouthwash.

Natural food stores may sell 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, but I buy mine from simply because I am too lazy to shop. I order two 4-ounce bottles at once, which with shipping is less than $25. When it arrives (here in Phoenix, I get it less than a week after ordering), I put one bottle in the refrigerator and one in the freezer until the refrigerator bottle runs out. I'm on maintenance dose (explained below) so a bottle lasts me several months, making it the least expensive supplement I take.

Do not use this solution undiluted! 35% hydrogen peroxide can burn your skin if applied directly. Continue to use pharmacy hydrogen peroxide for a topical disinfectant.

Buy distilled or spring water to dilute in.

Do not use tap water! H2O2 combines with chlorine to form free radicals, of which you don't want more than you already have!

The standard protocol recommends distilled water. But I prefer spring water (I buy Arrowhead, but am looking for a substitute with less fluoride) because of the minerals which are so important to heart health.


As a general rule, you should drink your hydrogen peroxide solution no less than three hours after eating, and one hour before eating. That's because your meals may contain bacteria, either intentionally (cheese, yogurt) or unintentionally (how long was that chicken salad on the counter, really?). The exploded germs may upset your stomach, and it's a waste of the H2O2 because your stomach acids do a pretty thorough job of sterilizing your food already.

That said, in my experience, I have found that if I am aware of what I'm eating, I can relax this rule slightly. If a meal was small, it will probably digest in less than three hours. And I've eaten a handful of nuts and a few grapes shortly after a dose with no noticeable ill effects.

Phase 1: Titration

If you haven't been taking H2O2 already, your body is probably seething with barely-controlled bacteria, fungi, and cancer cells. If you start the full dose at once, so many of these invaders will explode that their released toxins will make you feel nauseated and you will probably throw up and never take a second dose. That's why we build up to the full dose, which in medical circles is called titration.

So, during Phase 1, you will be taking three doses a day. For each dose, on the first day, add 3 drops 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a full glass of the distilled or spring water (about 16 ounces). The next day, go to 4 drops per dose; the next, 5; and so on until you get to 25 drops per dose.

Along the way (for me it was around 10 drops), you may experience a mild nausea. If that happens, reduce by a drop for a day or so, then start working your way back up.

Your body will need to purge itself of the released toxins from the exploded germs, so you may experience a runny nose, mild diarrhea, or even a weirdly-placed pimple or two. (I had one near my elbow!) To control the diarrhea, eat a cup of brown rice each day (which is a good idea anyway).

Phase 1 lasts until you've gotten your dosage up to 25 drops. At that point, you begin Phase 2.

Phase 2: Disinfection

Phase 2 lasts exactly 30 days, during which you continue to take three doses of 25 drops in 16 ounces of distilled or spring water every day.

If for whatever reason you think you still harbor some nasties—perhaps your blood test says you still have some cancer cells—simply continue until you sense you are clean. You can always go back to this phase if you feel you've been exposed to something or are coming down with something. (I went back to this phase for a few days after getting a few sea urchin spines stuck in my foot while snorkeling.)

Once you feel you're cured, go to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Maintenance

This phase is simple. Just take one dose of 25 drops in 16 ounces of distilled or spring water every three or four days. This is an excellent prophylactic against contracting cancer, especially if cancer runs in your family. It also keeps you from getting most colds, flu, or any other germ-borne illness.

H2O2 Infusions

In extreme cases, such as advanced cancers, AIDS, or COPD, it is advisable to see a naturopathic physician for intravenous doses of hydrogen peroxide. This is generally a 3% solution in 300ml of saline. It's not cheap, but it's much cheaper than chemotherapy, and for most, preferable to a lingering death.

Final Thoughts

H2O2 has been anecdotally linked to curing cancer, HIV, COPD, and arthritis, as well as countless varieties of colds, flu, and other communicable diseases. I only had arthritis, but it was gone within a month of starting this protocol. It's all but cured my ex-wife's cancer (I expect it will be gone within a month), and I have a friend whose HIV is now "undetectable" with it. This is good stuff!


I am not a doctor. I am an informed layperson. If you have any questions about the medical viewpoint of hydrogen peroxide, you will likely get better information from a naturopathic doctor than an allopathic doctor. Allopathic, or mainstream, doctors, receive no training in alternative treatments, especially ones that would displace the $124 billion chemotherapy business. This is no reflection on your doctor, who isn't personally making most of that money. (Big Pharma cleans up.)

One of the best aspects of hydrogen peroxide therapy is that, as long as you follow the protocol outlined here, there are few side effects; the side effects are minor, and fade as soon as your germ load drops to a healthy level.

I, personally, have been on this protocol for over a year. I'm 62 and feel better than I ever have—and this, only three years after almost dying from flesh-eating bacteria! I make no money from this recommendation. My only gain is the satisfaction of knowing I am helping to create a healthier world.