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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

A Few Concluding Thoughts

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Posted: 11/18/2015
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Topics: #AlienAbductions #Nibiruans
Almost 30 years after I first discovered the evidence of my own abductions, and a quarter century since they ended, I've had plenty of time to think about what it was all about.
The Lady From Heaven book cover

I started working on Midnight Harvest The Lady From Heaven in 1987. I began documenting my experiences as soon as I became aware of them; the personal experiences you've just read were transcribed, largely unaltered, from those notes. But, obviously, I didn't stop thinking about such mind-boggling experiences just because they stopped. I wanted to know what was going on…and it was clear I would never find answers from conventional "science" (real science would never ignore or dismisses thousands of consistent accounts) or the media, which did its best to make laughing stocks of us abductees.

So, I studied. Or, rather, I continued to study. And even after Michael and I separated (we are still dear friends and he is still "Baby Papa" to my kids and grandkids), I continued to study, with him as well as on my own.

The amount of information I was given is staggering, and in there, somewhere, are the keys to all my questions. But I am just now learning how to hunt for specific information amongst that data, rather than be surprised when some aspect of it suddenly pops into my head.

A whole class of that information regards what I call "subtle energies". These are forces beyond the four currently recognized by physics, but which are nevertheless real and available for use in optimizing health: physical and emotional as well as spiritual. Michael and I spent years putting that information into words; and you can find the results at The ONA Foundation, another of my sites.

Are the aliens still here? (And, if they've been here longer than we have, can we even properly call them "aliens"?)

The evidence is that they are, the very same individuals who came to Earth so many hundreds of thousands of years ago. I was told, when the visits were ongoing, that they didn't usually reproduce at all; when an individual's body wore out, it would "bud" a new one, which would retain all the memories and personality of the older one, which would then "die". So the Enki and Ninhursag who first created our species (despite their brother and leader's insistance that they refrain), are not only still alive; I believe it is Enki who is behind most of the abductions.

We certainly established, in the Abductee Support Group, that the abduction phenomenon bears every sign of being a breeding program. And, especially when so many abductees have so many things in common that are found far less often in the general population (like working and useful psychic "powers") it seems as if we were being selected for those very traits.

My Fair Lady theatre poster.

I believe that Enki never liked the idea of humanity being a slave species, even though that's what he originally created us to be. But I think that, like Professor Henry Higgins of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, who fell in love with his linguistic creation of Eliza Doolittle, Enki fell in love with humanity and wanted something better for it. It's also possible that he somehow figured out that, even for a species of immortals, keeping slaves was bad karma and unsustainable as well.

In any case, Enki doesn't seem to be doing all the abductions. A number of abductees have reported being abducted by humans, or something very much like them. Is Enlil, Enki's half-brother, responsible for them? Since I haven't personally had that experience, I can't say anything for certain. But it does seem likely that the "wars between gods" reported millennia ago in the Sumerian tablets, may well be continuing still.

But those wars are winding down, and very quickly. Expanding on the information I got from Vincent, the galactic magnetic torus into which our solar system has been hurtling for decades, will finally force Earth's quantum frequency past a barrier called by some "fourth density" after the thousands of years we've been in "third density". Third density experiences include death, pain, duality, good-and-evil, and karma. (That's for animals as well as people living on a third-density planet.) Fourth density is filled with trust, Love and Light. People and animals on a fourth-density world work cooperatively for a better life for all.

And we on Earth shall enter early Fourth Density at the time of the new moon on August, 21st, 2017.

You say, things don't look like the world is about to turn a new leaf? Well, that's because you are only looking at the surface of things. Beneath that surface, there are big changes. That the turmoil on the surface is so visible is actually a good sign.

If you see roaches scattering when you turn on your kitchen light, that doesn't mean there were no roaches when the light was off. It means you simply couldn't see them. With the influx of quantum energy, also called Light (with a capital L), evil that was previously hidden is exposed. Exposed, it can be dealt with. Hidden, it goes on. So exposure is a good thing.

Fifty years ago (or less), pedophiles preyed on youngsters all over the world while remaining virtually untouched by any laws against it. Wars were started to make money for kings, or kings of the defense industries, and were never questioned by any but the most enlightened. No one ever asked whether universal health care should be a "Human right". We were so easily manipulated.

But, thanks to social media, that is no longer the case. Even if you don't agree with all the political postings on Facebook you have to agree that they've got people talking about things that, just a few years ago, no one ever questioned.

This is due to the increase in quantum frequency we are experiencing as Earth plunges deeper into that magnetic torus. The further in we go, the more aware we become. Both psychically and technologically, we are beginning to trust ourselves more.

This applies to souls that have gone to the "dark side" as well. Remember, Light (high quantum frequencies) is Love; but in Third Density worlds, there can be an absence of Light. People can refuse it, which is another way of saying they are Dark beings. But 8/21/2017 is the deadline for those poor folks. They will either accept the Light or die by then, to reincarnate on some other world that is still in Third Density. Never fear; someday, they will get it. The Universe wastes nothing.

What Dreams May Come

I should point out that by no means is everyone who dies these days is a Dark being. There are people on the "other side" (let's call it Nirvana) who minister to those who've just died, helping them over their shock. Many people who volunteered to help Earth during these days, planned to pass over in time to assist the flood of newly-freed souls coming from Earth's final wars, climate disasters, and general brouhahas.

Earth's Human population is too high for sustainability, and a lot of it will vanish over the next two years. We are already seeing the population displacements from global climate change. When a population is displaced, it is always decimated in the process.

But you, dear reader, needn't be concerned about falling victim to any natural or man-made disaster…as long as such isn't in your soul contract. Some of those reading this may feel they will help on the other side before 2017. If so, you are a very evolved being and needn't worry about a painful or unpleasant transition.

Painful transitions come to those whose karma demands it. But, guess what: Karma isn't the only game in town any more! You can release yourself of negative karma with simple techniques that I cover on the ONA site cited above. (They are simple to do but require lessons to learn how to do them, which is why I can't give simple instructions here, as could be done with, say, the steps to connecting a new car battery.)

Plus, many present-day occupants of Earth are, in fact, aliens who have incarnated as Humans to be here in this time period. People of the various extraterrestrial species who call themselves "Plieadians" are here in force. Although most do not (yet) know of their origin, they do know they've always felt like visitors to Earth, that they are empaths, and always psychic in some way.

Time travel

Time is a feature of our 4th-dimensional Universe and doesn't work the same way in the 5th-dimensional continuum that contains it. The Plieadians are actually from a far future, a Dark future that is so bleak for the entire Galaxy, that a group of them studied histories and various timelines in an attempt to figure out, basically, What Went Wrong. And they actually pinpointed a specific moment in time: January 15, 2009, the day Captain Chesley Sullenberger, flying US Airways Flight 1549, which was, according to the government, attacked by Muslim terrorists, and crashed in midtown Manhattan, killing thousands, including all passengers and the captain—in other words, the witnesses. This so-called terror attack would provide the excuse George W. Bush needed to declare martial law, thus preventing President-elect Barack Obama from ascending to office.

Old timeline

In the timeline of the Pleiadians, UA Flight 1549 crashed in downtown Manhattan, allowing martial law to be declared.

So the future Plieadians came up with a scheme to change their present by altering our past. They proceeded to "die" and incarnate as Humans in the mid-20th-century, and later, there to quickly be brought up to speed, so to speak, on the urgency of their mission. For some, that required serious intervention; and for them, becoming the subjects of abductions was a way of teaching them the basics of Light work. Of course, that's not Enki's agenda; but add a little Light and he could be convinced that what needed to be done, was what he wanted to do. And the abductions may also have served to actually locate Plieadians. (Not all abductees may be Plieadian.)

Meanwhile, the Dark Nibiruans (Enlil, for example), hoping to somehow prevent their banishment from Earth by August 21, 2017, were also trying to find Plieadians, and to neutralize them if possible. Those abductions may be the ones that include Human abductors.

But that plan failed. Most of the abductions seem to have ended before the year 2000 (though I've spoken with one or two exceptions). By then, we abductees, plus the hundreds of thousands of other Plieadians living on earth at the time, were pouring much more Light into the world than had happened in the original timeline. That Light is seen in the concern so many of us now have for the plight of others, Humans and even animals. And one of those Pleiadians, whether he knows it or not, is Captain Sullenberger, affectionately known as "Sully".

So, in the timeline we now share, dear readers, January 15, 2009 ended quite differently than before. The additional Light present in the world, lifted Captain Sully into a higher frame of reference at the needed time. Somehow, he found the skill and presence of mind to avoid crashing in Manhattan. Instead, he managed to bring his jet down safely in the Hudson River, and all 155 passengers and crew survived.

Captain Sully saves the world.

The government quickly came up with a cockamamie story about a flock of geese taking down the jet, although no geese were actually seen, and such an airline disaster has never occurred, before or since…just as no skyscraper has ever been taken down by an airplane or jet (and such accidents have happened, although the media told us in 2001 that they had not. But it's history; look it up).

Creating a new timeline has its negative side effects. For one thing, this is new temporal territory and the incarnated Plieadians don't know its history in advance. So, to minimize the trauma of our transition into Fourth Density, small fixes are being put in, which results in more changes to the timeline. If you notice any little discrepancies in your personal reality, as I did with my Parallel Earths adventure, that's because a small fix has been made in the past, thus altering our present.

Did you know there were a number of people who actually remembered the arrival in New York of the Titanic on her maiden voyage? Apparently, there is a timeline in which she did not sink. Those "impossible memories" are indicative of a timeline change.

I used to think that the future people who made the change, could not enjoy it, as their future would continue to exist with them in it. But I've come to understand I was wrong. And, again, that's a difference between an alternate timeline and an alternate universe. I might be able to visit an alternate universe and return here. But I can never visit an alternate timeline because, once the change has been made, the new version is quickly accepted by everyone, even people with multi-dimensional memories, as is true with so many abductees.

If you would like to assist Earth in its smooth transition to Fourth Density, all you have to do is:

  • Be kind to everyone, Human or otherwise.

  • Love yourself as well, no more or less well, as others.

  • Don't compete; cooperate.

  • Be kind to the Earth. Don't rape her of resources she—and we—need faster than they can be renewed.

  • Don't take part in the brouhaha going on around you. The Dark Ones are still trying to prevent their inevitable demise. Thus we are still having people attacking other people around the world. But those attacks are all in accordance with the soul contracts of all concerned.

  • And most of all: Be a source of Light, not darkness.