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Posted: 2/18/2020
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About the most beautiful dog in the world.

Ella was originally my grandson Zach's dog, a puppy that was a gift from his parents for Christmas. A purebred Golden Retriever, Ella grew fast and was all over the place. Unfortunately, Zach, who was a senior in high school at the time, had too much homework and also had a part-time job, so his mom wound up taking care of her—which with two toddlers to watch at the same time, turned out to be an impossible job. So they passed Ella on to me: First, to potty train her; but she just never left, as Zach went on to New York to college, then Hawaii ahead of us.

Ella's Paperwork

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Ella's papers, scanned and published so I can get to them easily anywhere in the world.

This page is really for me, to give me a place in the Cloud for Ella's veterinarian papers, as well as her moving papers for Maui. This way, I can read it anywhere in the world as needed. But, if you're insanely interested in the minutiae of my life, you're welcome to read them.

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