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Christmas 2022 at the Rizzos'

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/20/2023
Occurred: 12/25/2022
Posted: 1/26/2023
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Topics: #Autobiography
I got to spend Christmas Eve and morning with family.

Christmas at my daughter Jenny's lasts a couple of months.

Christmas began just before Thanksgiving, with tree decorations arranged and placed by my two youngest grandkids, Gianna and Dominic, and their next door neighbor and BFF, Brinkley.

It coninued at my ex-son-in-law's house during his own pre-Christmas party. Here are my daughter, Jenny, granddaughter Gianna, and grandsons Zach and Dominic.

At my age I tend to wake a time or two during the night. This being Christmas Eve, I got a shot of Jenny's tasteful exterior Christmas decorations.

I was up again at dawn to an exquisite sunrise (even for Arizona!),

It didn't take long for the toddlers to follow; and of course then everyone had to get up to assist in The Unwrapping Of The Presents.

L2R: Dominic, Daddy (Jimmy), Gianna, Mommy (Jenny), and Justine, Zach's French girlfriend who is attending school here in Arizona. (At the extreme right you can just make out Milton the cat's tail.

We decided not to unwrap it until I move in next March; but my daughter, Karen, gave me a new keyboard! (It's not really from Zach; he mislabeled it but then explained it to me.)

My son, John, and his partner Adrienne gave me this very clever faux Egyptian papyrus illustrating the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I also received a T-shirt that has special sentimental value to me. Over four decades ago I bought a similar shirt in Cocoa Beach, Florida, surf shop. It was my favorite shirt and so I wound up wearing it out. So when I spotted one like it on Amazon, I added it to my wish list. And here it is, thanks to my son John and hsi partner, Adrienne.

Big packages need bi people help.

Homemade Christmas cookies are always nice.

So: To recap, here are the "formal" photos, starting with the tree.

Me with my eldest grandson, Zach.