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A Christmas get-together.

Santa's Workshop at the North Pole can't possibly be a better place to spend Christmas Day than my daughter Jenny's Castle, which each year becomes a Christmas Wonderland.

As we did last year, we timed it so the kids could have their early morning Christmas before any guests arrived. That kept the kids occupied with new toys until we got there.

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This year, Jenny had the Castle decorated in blue and gold lights.

Jimmy's sister, Dawn, came to entertain Dominic before dinner and more presents.

Dominic loves his new tractor: Both riding in it, and driving it, though he left the driving to Daddy at first.

Papa Michael came with Keith and me. My son, John, brought his friend, Amy.

Aunt Dottie showed Dominic more presents.

Early mornings give rise to sleepy afternoons.

Aunt Barbara arrived with more presents!

Jimmy assisted with the cooking.

The sun was setting as we left, after a perfect Christmas Day with family and friends.