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Blowing bubbles with Gianna and Dominic was just one of the rewards after a 7-hour trip.

Technically, I arrived yesterday. But my flight arrived so late that I had time for just a brief peek at the babies before retiring to my motel.

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My grandson, Dominic, seems to love Milton the cat as much as his much-older brother Zach did when he was little. (Well, okay, Zach and Milton still share a special bond.)

My motel, the Best Western Hyacinth, was less than a mile from Jenny's and I was willing to try to walk it (I am still recovering from the leg I broke in 2 places on an earlier visit). But she insisted on my using her car, as she wouldn't need it until the morning.

When I arrived at Jenny's shortly before 10:30, I was greeted by a tropic island resident.

Jenny planned for us to spend a few hours at Higgs Beach, and asked me to run ahead and reserve a couple of lounges and an umbrella for when she had the babies ready to go. However, the woman who runs the concession apologized that no umbrellas could be opened today because of strong winds. Nevertheless, we had the lounges with Jenny's towels and the babies' toys left to mark the spot.

When I returned, the babies were down for a nap, leaving me to sketch Milton as he lounged on the back porch.

Little Dominic was first to awaken, though he wanted his bottle right away.

But then he had a busy day ahead of him, starting with going through the mail.

He then let me know that, if I wanted to take him into the pool, that would be all right with him.

Dominic is a climber (like his siblings). One of the less-scary things he likes to climb on is the water bottles waiting to be put in the refrigerator.

Then Gianna awoke, and joined us all in checking out the freezer.

Then we moved onto the porch, where Dominic found the stash of bubble-making tubes.

So, perfect Papa that I am, I decided to show the little ones how it's done.

Although she tried blowing a few, Gianna clearly loved catching the bubbles more.

Around then, Dominic and Gianna's older brother, Zachary, joined us to practice his guitar. Both Gianna and Dominic love to hear their brother play.

By the way, when Zach was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, he picked up matching rainbow tie-dyed outfits for his little siblings. Gianna loves hers with a delight so pure. Jenny lets her pick out her outfits, and Gianna asked for this one every day during my visit. I'm sure she loves the way the dress looks, but even more certain that she loves the fact that Zach gave it to her.

Jenny fixed us dinner, and then it was time for the babies and me to go to our separate sleeping places. But, on the way, I stopped by Higgs Beach to pick up Jenny's towels and the toys from the lounges I had rented but we had never used. I was prepared to eat the $20, but the woman who ran the concession insisted on giving it back to me. "You'll be here again, won't you?"

"Oh, yes," I assured her. "Probably tomorrow."

"Then, you keep the money and come back when you can enjoy it!" she smiled.

You've gotta love the way people in Key West are more interested in being kind than in short-term profit. (And, in fact, we did come back the very next day.)