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Posted: 12/23/2008
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A tree that can be seen from space.

People who know both me and my husband, Michael, know we are opposites in many ways. Anything he does, Michael does with precision and intention. If it doesn't come out the way he wanted, he'll do it again. I'm a lot more relaxed. Michael thinks I "settle" for less than perfect, but that's not it. Rather, I hold a looser view of the outcome and enjoy being surprised by whatever it turns out to be.

I imagine either approach could work with Christmas tree decorating. But I must say, when Michael decorates a Christmas tree (and he has done Christmas decorating professionally, as well as for his family) the result is never anything short of exquisite.

But this year, he has outdone even himself.

The amazing part is, he doesn't do it alone. While my contribution this year was mainly financial (which may have helped), Mary, Jenny and Zachary each assisted as Michael guided the various-sized ornaments to their approximate locations. This was the first year Zachary could really help in a meaningful way, and he took great pleasure in doing so, selecting the location for each ornament within the guidelines laid out by Papa Michael.

Our 2008 Christmas Tree

So, now, the tree is up and most of the presents are awaiting the coming of Christmas morning. To any would-be Grinches out there, I should mention that we have two full-time dogs and one is half pit bull. We also have an attack cat. So pass this house by or risk disembowelment! (Which Zach really wants to see sometime.)

The exterior decorations were a little trickier this year. We make no attempt trying to outdo our neighbors in lighting up the house; we'd rather spend that effort on something we can see while we're at home, instead of the relatively rare occasions we are driving up to the house. But each year the strings of lights seem more tangled and the fuses grow more cranky. (Or is it me?) Still, we got the (hopefully) last fuse fixed this evening and, hopefully, the lights will be ready and bright enough to guide Santa Claus in for a landing.

Our 2008 Christmas Decorations

We have no chimney, but I'm assured he will have no trouble sliding in through the kitchen exhaust vent.

If he does, he'd better watch out for the dogs and cats.