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Walking Dogs with Dominic

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 11/2/2022
Posted: 11/25/2022
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Topics: #Dominic
Dominic and the dogs take me to the park.

I often drive the two miles to my daughter's house; and if my grandson, Dominic, isn't already playing with neighbor kids, he'll offer to take me and the dogs for a walk to the park.

Ella, the Golden, loves everybody. She has an open heart, just like my grandson, Dominic. So, of course, they adore each other.

Dominic led the way to the neighborhood park. It's got a wide space for running, a basketball court, and a kids' jungle gym. It's also only a block from his house.

The dogs liked the sand at the jungle gym as much as Dominic enjoyed the jungle gym itself.

Lilly, my cattle dog is generally more reserved than Ella. But not even she is immune to Dominic's charms.

Despite Ella's fierce look, she and Lilly are just play-fighting. Ella is pretending to guard the hole she's digging in the sand.

And, of course, Dominic wanted to help.

About this point I announced it was time to head back home. Before they got to China!