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Zach's High School Graduation

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Occurred: 5/31/2017
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All the photos from Zach's graduation ceremony.

It is with enormous pride that I present our family's newest high school graduate, Zachary Morgan Rizzo.

The logistics for Zach's graduation were mind-boggling. Everyone was somewhere ekse: Zach's mom, Aunt Karen, and Uncle John were in Key West; his dad was working somewhere on the East Coast, and his Uncle Joseph was in southern Florida (but not as far south as the Keys). They all met in Miami, however, for the flight to Arizona.

The graduation was to be held at ASU's Wells Fargo Stadium. We arrived very early to be assured of parking. (We had researved seats, but there are no reserved parking spaces.)

Zach's baby sister was so well-behaved.

A selfie, to prove I was there.

Aunt Surya was exiled to seating section for those who needed special devices, like walkers; Aunt Barbara kept her company.

After what seemed like forever, the graduates began marching into the arena.

The school band began to play; and they were pretty good, considering that Zach wasn't playing with them.

After the students had filed in, we all frantically tried to look for our graduate. We finally found him! (at the right of the below photo). But look at the kid at the left. I am so jealous that high school students can now grow beards if they wish. I had to fight tooth and nail to be allowed sideburns!

The principal gave the first speech.

The choir then sang Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror.

Dominic was passed from arms to arms, but spent probably the most time with Uncle Joseph.

The ceremony was so long that entire mealtimes came and went.

The valedictorian's speech was awesome.

Uncle Peter, Jimmy (dad), Gianna (sister, head turned), and Jenny (mom).

Gianna was so well-behaved, even as she found ways of amusiing herself while waiting. (Like palying peekaboo with Papa).

Before handing out diplomas to this year's graduates, a number of verterans came up and received honorary diplomas. These were men who had attended Hamilton High School but joined the military before they coud actually get their diplomas.

And then the graduates had their turn. And all we had to do was be patient until they finally got to the Rs (for Rizzo).

Finally, Zach's row marched up to the stage.

And, just like that, Zach became a High School Graduate!

Gianna loved the dropping balloons.

Afterwards, at Zach's request, we went to Carrabba's for dinner.