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Zach Makes Blue Belt

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
Occurred: 11/7/2008
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Topics: #Zachary #Karate
Zach earns his blue belt in karate.

This evening Zachary was tested for, and received, his Blue Belt in karate. I of course took pictures.

The participants were students of the DePalma Team USA Martial Arts schools here in the Valley. I was so impressed to see Zach lined up with the others, neither the shortest nor the tallest, but relating to the older teen and adult students as equals. And, while the instructors are always treated with respect, it is the respect afforded equals rather than the subservient obsequy I have observed at some other schools.


As is always the case, the students were divided into groups, each of which was examined by several instructors. The belts aren't given away; the students must demonstrate they've earned them.

Zach demonstrates form. Fists of Fury. There was so much movement taking pictures was a challenge.

I always get a special kick (no pun intended!) out of Zach's rapport with Mr. Baker, his regular instructor.

Mr. Baker demonstrates proper form to Zach.

Mr. Baker demonstrates proper form to Zach.

Zach receives his belt and certificate from the assembled instructors.

After an hour of exercise that made me sweat just to watch, and testing of skills than none of Zach's parents possess, Zach received his Blue Belt.

After all the new belts had been distributed, the students were instructed to placed the belts on the floor in front of them, then to rub the sweat from their foreheads into them, as part of the symbolism that these belts had been earned.

They then raised the belts above their heads in celebration of a hard job well done.

Zach's Blue Belt raised in triumph.