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My youngest daughter gets her degree!

My youngest daughter, despite being a busy mother of three, decided to go ahead and get her college degree. She worked like crazy on it in between birthday parties, doctor visits and other outings with the children. And her work finally paid off, as we attended her graduation from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Psychology.

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There were a lot of people there. And it took quite awhile for the graduates to march in. Jenny was among them, but we couldn't spot her.

While John and I strolled around the stadium, Michael and Jimmy remained near the upper bleachers to get the best photos.

But then, to our collective surprise, the graduates did not walk up to collect their diplomas. Instead, the president of Arizona State University simply said, "You are now graduates!" And that was it!

So there are no photos of Jenny walking to get her diploma. However, we did get plenty of pictures afterwards of Jenny the graduate, with her husband Jimmy, and brother John.

Michael, Jenny and Keith

Michael, Jenny and Keith