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Karen Hope Cilwa-Simpson

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
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All about my second-born daughter.
Name:Karen Hope (Cilwa) Simpson
Born:January 30, 1974 3:35 PM
FatherPaul Sigmund Cilwa
MotherMary Ann (Steinberg) Cilwa
SpouseRobert Simpson (January 26, 2017)
Age:50 years

Karen is my second child, my second daughter, though her birthday comes first in the calendar year. Here you'll find my posts celebrating milestones in her life.

Portrait of Karen

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 1/30/2008
Updated: 1/30/2022
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Topics: #KarenHopeCilwa
Photos of my lovely daughter's rise from toddlerhood to young businesswoman and wife.

Please enjoy my living portrait of this lovely young lady as she has grown from infancy to adulthood.

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Karen Takes A Groom!

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 1/26/2017
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Topics: #Places #KeyWest #Florida #KarenandRob #Wedding
ALL the photos from Karen's wedding…at least, the ones in which no one looked too goofy.

Welcome to the wedding of my daughter Karen Cilwa to Mr. Rob Simpson!

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Karen Graduates

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 5/9/2008
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Topics: #KarenHopeCilwa
Karen is rewarded for her hard work.

It's May, so we have another graduation! This time it's my daughter, Karen, who got her bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Arizona State University this morning. Despite the fact that sitting in a sports stadium for three hours listening to unpronounceable names being, against all odds, pronounced as a thousand purple-robed graduates gavotte from chair to educator to educator and back to chair was considered too severe a torture for even Condoleezza Rice to order for Guantanamo Bay prisoners, it was a wonderful experience to be there for my little girl as she takes that magical step from childhood to employability.

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Modeling Portfolio

By: Dorothy Cilwa Kinder Occurred: 6/20/1998
Posted: 8/31/2022
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Topics: #Karen #Photography
A Woman, the country, and a horse: Can't miss!

I'm still making my way through old photographs, slides, and strips of negatives. I just came upon this roll of model shots made of Karen. These were taken by her sister, Dorothy. To say I'm impressed with both young women would be an understatement.

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Karen's Astrological Chart

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 2940
Topics: #Astrology
Karen's stars!

Extremely active by nature, you like to get around, meet people and do different things. Very restless, you just can't seem to stay put. You need to be involved in several projects at once in order to keep your mind stimulated. You like to read books and to write letters and to talk—constantly. Seemingly ageless, you will always appear to be much younger than you really are. Very adaptable and inquisitive, you are always open to new ideas and experiences. A "jack-of-all-trades", you are lively and versatile. Because of the high nervous tension that you always seem to have, athletic activity would be a good way for you to burn off energy. But be careful of a tendency to experience things only superficially—try to dig in and absorb things at a deeper level.

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Karen Is Born

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 1/30/1974

Milestone: #Birth
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The birth of my middle daughter, Karen Hope Cilwa.

Milestone: Birth
Who: Karen Hope Cilwa
Date and time: January 30, 1974 3:30 PM
Father: Paul Sigmund Cilwa
Mother: Mary Ann Steinberg Cilwa

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