By: Edna Mae Cilwa Viewed: 7/10/2020
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Poem by Edna Mae Cilwa.

Lincoln, freer of the slaves,
Standing sadly o'er the graves
Of all the boys—the Blue, the Grey—
Praying there would come a day
When all this would have passed away,
Beseeching Him Who saves.

And He looked down upon this land
Who never fails to understand.
He gave the nation peace once more
And calmed the mothers' hearts so sore
And all who suffered by the war
Were healed, then, by the Master's hand.

And that is what your faith had done
By constant prayers, a war was won.
Your people wrapped in bleak despair
Knowing well your woe and care
Thank you for your courage. There
Was valor next to none.

Edna Mae Brown

February 12