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Willie's 6th Birthday

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 4/16/2023
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Topics: #Autobiography #Willie
My step-grandson Willie turned 6 today!

This is the home of my son, John. and his partner, Adrienne and her kids, Kyla and Willie. Today is Willie's 6th birthday, and my other grandkids, Gianna and Dominic, and I, were his guests, along with my daughter, Jenny, and my ex-husband, Michael (who is an active grandparent).

John and Adrienne have been working hard to fix the flaws in the place, turning it into a true dream home.

With several options, the kids explored the pool; and not very long afterwards they had changed into swimwear. (L2R: Dom's buddy, Cameron, Dominic, and Gianna.

This being the warmest day we'd had so far, the party quickly became a pool party. Here's Gianna about to try a dive off the fountain while Dominic's friend Cameron enjoys the jacuzzi part of the pool.

This is Kyla, enjoying the embedded Jacuzzi.

Gianna and Dominic.

Gianna loves gymnastics, and can't seem to stop herself from doing a spontaneous handstand or carrtwheel.

Finally, Willie himself made an appearance. He's still learning to swim. My bet is he'll have mastered it by summer's end.

From L2R: Kyla, Willie, Cameron, and Gianna.

We then gathered ourselves to the picnic table (which John built) for a birthday dinner, to be followed by cake.

L2R: Kyla and Willie, and Dominic and Cameron.

It did start to cool as the sun set (one of the aspects of living in a desert) but we were treated to an amazing display. Notice the fire pit John put together.

John and Adrienne have definitely created an awesome space for their family.

One of John's favorite things is to project movies or TV shows on a screen set up in the yard. (He does this on camping trips, as well!)

Before we left, the birthday boy opened his presents. He was admirably inrtent on completing this task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And so ended a terrific day of food, fun and family.