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It's a Dog's Yard

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
Posted: 3/27/2023
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Topics: #Autobiography #Ella #Lilly
My dogs, Ella and Lilly, seem happy.

My daughter, Jenny, has really gone all out to not only make me feel welcome but the dogs, Ella and Lily, as well. Jenny already had four cats when I moved in; so she got a length of portable fencing to give the dogs a straight shot from our room, through the dining area, to the back yard. They even get use of the pool!

Plus, they get the use of the grandchildren. This is Dominic with Ella.

Plus, they have each other. They are so close. At the dog park, they often play with each other, rather than the other dogs. (Especially if there aren't many, or any, other dogs.) So I don't feel too badly for leaving them for hours when I have a doctor appointment or medical procedure scheduled.

But when I am home, they love to be near me. Especially when I'm using the bathroom.

Because of Ella's excessive fur, even when groomed weekly, she can't go in the pool as often as she'd like, to prevent hair buildup in the pool filter. (I suspect she would sleep in it, if we let her.) So we have a fence dividing the pool from the rest of the yard. Wheb U open the fence gate, Ella wastes no time diving right in.

Lilly used to be more clingy, but if I sit in the lovely yard for a period of time, as I occasionally do, the dogs will find a comfortable spot and chill. However, when I get up to go, they know and rise, as well.

They also love to play tug-of-war.

Diva that she is, Ella can't help but pose even while whiling away the day.

Lilly, on the other hand, prefers to "lay out", as my kids used to call sunbathing.

And here's Ella being fussed over by granddaughter Gianna. (Lilly likes a quick pet but doesn't like long bouts of attention.