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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

Still Alarmed

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
Occurred: 1/12/2023
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Topics: #Autobiography
The fire alarm goes off several times in a few days.

The fire alarm went off again a couple of nights ago. Just for a moment, and I vowed to go bak to my daughter's if it happened again, and eventually I fell asleep. It happened again yesterday, and then this afternoon it started and wouldn't stop. So, once again, I had to pack up the dogs and drive over. (Yes, I put in another maintenance request.)

At least, this time it was during the day and I wasn't half asleep. In fact, the timing just about coincided with Dominic and Gianna coming home from school. Gianna had a gymnastics thing to go to, so I got to sit with Dominic while he explained the video game he was playing.

When I say Dominic's hand-eye coordination is amazing, I don't mean, "for a six-year-old;" I mean for anyone.

He and his sister got hoverboards for Christmas; and it took a day for him to become completely proficient at using one. The proof? Here he is playing his video game while moving back and forth on the hoveboard!

Anyway, Jenny set up a clear path so the dogs could go to a safe spot alonside the house where they could go potty or hangout. She even brought a chair over so I could sit with them.

It's good for the doggies to be comfortable here, because I'm getting the feeling I may not be able to stay here until March.

Certainly not, if the fire alarm is going to go off at random times.