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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

Thanksgiving at Jimmy's

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 7/22/2024
Occurred: 11/24/2022
Posted: 12/17/2022
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Topics: #Autobiography
It's my ex-son-in-law's turn to do Thanksgiving.

As do most divorced parents, my daughter Jenny and her ex-husband, Jimmy, take turns hosting the major holidays. This year was Jimmy's turn to do Thanksgiving. Here are the photos.

You know it's a classy party when there's a chessboard ready for use.

I'm afraid I don't remember the names of all the new people I met. But in the foreground is Jimmy's grandniece Noelle; next to her is Jimmy's daughter (and my granddaughter) Gianna.

The guy in the green shirt is Walter, one of Jimmy's best friends.

And here is Jimmy's sister, Dawn. She's Noelle's grandmother. Dawn is only happy in a kitchen.

Here's Jimmy explaining to a couple of guests how awesome the pool will be when it is finally finished.

My daughter, Jenny, is standing behind the sofa.

My grandson, Zach,

Here's Zach trying to explain Virtual Reality Glasses to my ex, Michael, and his sister, Surya,

Here's Surya wearing the Virtual Reality headset...

touring Petra, the famous archaeological city in southern Jordan.

Finally, the party over, I headed for my car and spotted the sunset reflected in one of the windows of the house, still under construction, next to Jimmy's.