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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind


By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
Occurred: 10/12/2022
Posted: 11/1/2022
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Topics: #Autobiography
Getting enough exercise is tough when you have arthritis.

My apartment comes with a nicely-equipped and never-crowded gym. I've been wanting to make use of it for some time. Finally, I did. Here's photographic proof!

Because of my difficulty walking, the treadmill and stairmaster are out. I was looking for aerobic exercise, so the weights don't help. I decided, by process of elimination, on the stationary bike.

Now I don't know how, but the manufacturers of this particular stationary bike apparently have grooves instead of normal butts. I say this because the seat on the bike is just one hair different from a plain, padded pipe. It was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever stepped on, and that includes unpadded church pews.

In addition, and I know this sounds like an excuse, my arthitis is quite painful. This is supposed to be treated by the procedure I have coming up on November 22. But in the meantime, I may have to limit my exericise to the one thing I can't avoid: walking the dogs.