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Bro Mask

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Occurred: 8/18/2022
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If I could turn back time…

I'm actually not the vainest person who ever lived. I barely get haircuts, much less indulge in the use of all those products so many other gay guys seem to rely on. Still, now that I'm a 71-year-old former lifeguard and hiker with sun-damaged skin, I decided to see what the shooting was all about and got a box of rejuvenating face masks and an at-home chemical peel set…that I finally put to the test today.

Here's my before photo: After cleaning my face with the specified "gel cleanser" but before using any of the peeling products.

They are to be used in this order: Peel Prep, Glycolic Acid 70%, and the Neutralizer.

The Peel Prep is supposed to be applied with cotton balls. I have cotton pads instead, but they seem to work as well. You spray the stuff directly onto the cotton pad (or ball) and use it to further clean the skin of the face.

This is me after the "Peel Prep". Looks much the same, but the cotton pads did pick up some dead skin the gel cleanser missed.

I'm not sure why I ordered the 70% glycolic acid solution, when most of what I read online recommends a lower concentration for at-home use. (Lower, like 30% or even 20%.) Since I've used this before, I know what I can tolerate.

Despite the packaging including a sprayer, the glycolic acid is actually a gel. I applied it to more cotton pads and, from there, to my face. (The instructions warn to avoid eyes, nostrils and lips.)

It's supposed to be applied and kept on until the skin turns pink. Before that happens, the skin tingles like crazy. Now, either my skin doesn't turn pink, or it already is the shade of pink they're looking for, In any case, I also read to not keep it on more than 10 minutes,

The instructions were a little unclear, but I just closed my eyes and held my breath and used the spray to apply the neutralizer directly to my face. After making sure it's covered all the previously applied glycolic acid, I was supposed to rinse my face in cool water. But I am living in Central Arizona in the summertime. The hot water tap is cooler than the cold water tap, and even then it's pretty warm.

So, another process shot. If I expand this one, it does look like the pores of my face are less pronounced.

The instructions for the peel recommend finishing up with hyuralonic acid. I happened to already have a pack of Bro Masks that apply that to the face; so I decided to use one of those.

The mask comes in halves to accommodate bearded guys. The hyuralonic acid is very slippery, so getting the mask on is a bit of a challenge. And then it's supposed to remain on for 20 minutes. The instructions said nothing about rinsing off, so I didn't. (I did take a shower not long after, though.)

I half expected every wrinkle to be gone when I removed the mask.

But not to worry; this was the end result, after showering and dressing. I don't think any of my friends won't be able to recognize me. But my head does feel a little lighter, somehow. And that's something to be grateful for!