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Back Injection Report #1

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
Occurred: 8/12/2022
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Topics: #Aging #LumbarSpinalStenosis #SpinalStenosis #Epidural
Results so far from lumbar epidural for a pain in the back.

This past Monday I had epidural injections done in an attempt to alleviate my constant back pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. This is simply my take on how I've felt since.


The injections themselves were not a big deal. And it almost seemed as if my back felt a little better as I left the clinic where they were done. However, I'd been told not to expect results for from three to five days.


My back felt great in the morning and I was heartened. But by afternoon it hurt badly enough I had to lie down.


Back felt pretty good all day, but I'm noticing my other problem, repositioned Achilles' tendons, seems to be worsening. I'm thinking that it's simply because I'm no longer being distracted by my back pain, and so the muscle strain of learning to walk again is simply more noticeable. Anyway, it's still only been two days since the treatment.


This is day 3, the first day I should hope to feel an improvement. And I do, but not really more than yesterday. I did go shopping and managed to bring six heavy liter bottles of Shasta Diet Cola from the car to my second-floor apartment. But then I was pooped.


I felt well enough to bring the dogs to the lake park this morning, which was a good sign. (And they certainly enjoyed it, despite the heat and lack of many other dogs. I'm still not in back pain (at least, not much) and am actually seriously considering going down to the apartment gym for a short workout.