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Mushroom Rice

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 4/12/2022
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Here's how lazy single people manage to eat well.

As Richard Nixon once said, "I am not a cook." Or maybe it was Melania Trump. Either way, neither am I. But I do like to eat. Hence, I have become quite expert in preparing delicious, fresh-tasting meals out of frozen and pre-packaged ingredients. Tonight I'm just having chicken nuggets, but the "side dish" is what you'd want to write a blog page about: whole grain rice infused with sauteed mushrooms, minced garlic, and black olives. (To be honest, the nuggets are almost unneccessary.)

I start by sauteeing the mushrooms in olive oil and butter. I actually pre-heat the pan at high because I have no patience. Also I've read to put the onions in first, but I don't because I like them to have a little crunch.

Once the mushrooms are coated with the oil and browning butter, I add the frozen chopped onions and also a little (maybe a quarter teaspoon?) California-style minced garlic.

Finally, and optionally, I toss in some sliced black olives. (Another tasty garnish in place of olives is shelled pistachios. Either raw or roasted work fine.) I stir it all up, and lower the heat to medium.

Then I cover the whole thing and let it go while I see to the other ingredients.

Tonight's entre will be chicken nuggets. I toss a few onto the all-purpose sheet and place into a pre-heated oven according to the instructions on the package.

Tonight's carbs are whole-grain, ready rice, which will be ready 90 seconds after I start it.

Now simply pour the contents of the heated package of rice into the sauteed mushroom medley, and stir. You definitely want the rice to pick up any leftover juices in the pan.

The nuggets are now ready!

And voila! Dinner (including some microwave-in-the-bag mixed veggies) is served! From freezer to TV table, less than 30 minutes.


I've been married or partnered most of my life. In most of my relationships, my spouse did most of the cooking. I was grateful to not have to because, as noted ppreviously, I am lazy. But when I did cook, I was grateful to contribute and always tried to make something my family would enjoy (like French toast for my kids).

Now that I'm single and retired (so I don't have to eat in cafeterias and restaurants—something else for which I am grateful!) I am grateful to be able to make my own meals, for me.