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March 2022: Pandemic Never Really Said Goodbye

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
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My last Coronavirus Entry

The End OF (caring about) A Pandemic

Exactly two years after I moved to Maui (only partially to avoid the plague), I am back where I started from—Arizona—, and so are the maskless masses shopping and hanging out in restaurants. Everyone who is going to get vaccinated already has; anyone with an immune deficiency still wear masks (I assume, because I do usually see one or two masks when I shop.) When I do see someone masked, I whip mine on just to be supportive; but I don't feel a pressing need to wear one. Certainly not out of fear of catching COVID-19; I am fully vaxxed and will be receiving my second booster in about a week.

The pandemic isn't, really, over. We had two years to wipe it out, but not enough people wanted to make the effort. However, for months now the number of COVID deaths has been much higher in counties that voted for Trump. So, it's possible that, in a year or two, when enough of the marching morons have croaked, we may be able to readdress the issue with mandatory school vaccinations.

But that will never happen as long as those insisting on protecting their "freedumbs" still breathe. (Again, not for long, statistically speaking.)


Globally, there's no sign of the pandemic weakening, as the number of new coronavirus cases has shot upward since the beginning of March, more than doubling in two months. For the past two weeks, new global cases have exceeded their previous high point in early January. The average daily rate of new cases has now been above 800,000 for more than a week.

The increase in cases is largely being driven by the uncontrolled outbreak in India, where new cases have risen sharply for the past month and show no signs of abating. India now accounts for more than 40 percent of the world's new cases.

United States

In the spring of 2020, the areas recording the greatest numbers of deaths were much more likely to vote Democratic than Republican. But by the third wave of the pandemic, which began in fall 2020, the pattern had reversed: Counties that voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden were suffering substantially more deaths from the coronavirus pandemic than those that voted for Biden over Trump. This reversal is likely a result of several factors including differences in mitigation efforts and vaccine uptake, demographic differences, and other differences that are correlated with partisanship at the county level.

But basically, it's the stupidity and arrogance of Trump supporters that is killing them. And, frankly, I'm glad.


According to Governor Ige, the state of Hawaii dropped the 'Safe Travels' program for domestic U.S. travelers at midnight on March 25, 2022. Governor Ige has also announced the indoor mask mandate has ended as of March 26, 2022. Masks may still be required on public transportation, such as buses, and within Hawaii's airports.

That now means domestic travelers to Hawaii will no longer need to fill out online forms via Safe Travels, no longer have to worry about QR codes, no longer have to provide proof of vaccination, and ultimately, there won't be any additional requirements or restrictions to fly to Hawaii on a domestic flight.

On the county level, the County of Kauai, the County of Maui, and the County of Hawaii have repealed their COVID-19 Emergency Rules. The City and County of Honolulu's Safe Access Oahu program ended on Sunday, March 6, 2022. More details on that are below.


And then we have Arizona. With a psychopathic GOP governor, a largely Republican populace,' and a few anti-vax liberals (who think they don't need a vaccine because they're so ' spiritually enlightened) and you have a recipe for the shitshow currently happening here. Worst of all, it's happening behind the scenes as everyone in the state seems to have forgotten there is still a deadly disease out there.

So, this is it: My last Coronavirus blog entry. Anything additional I might post would only be tilting at windmills.

Dogs Visit Jenny's

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 3/2/2022
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui
Jenny has a pool and Ella loves swimming more than almost anything.

On Maui, Ella learned to love the water even more than she had. She liked to swim in the ocean, and even learned to body surf! Here in Arizona we have few water options, especially when my legs are giving me so much pain when I try to walk. So Jenny offered to let Ella and Lilly over for a swim and some granddog-grandkid time.

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Dog Rake and Sunset

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 3/3/2022
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui
Continuing to settle in, I got something to try and remove Ella's excess hair; and got to watch an amazing Arizona sunset unfold while using it.

Ella sheds. A lot. I mean, a LOT. So today I got a special rake for trying to get the worst of it off her between groomings.

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The Old Man and the Moon

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 3/5/2022
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui
Today I'm the oldest I've ever been.

I have been unable to find a local stylist who still (after the pandemic started) will trim beards. And I don't want to waste money on a haircut that doesn't include a beard trim.

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