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Ionic Footbaths

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Occurred: 6/15/2021
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Some feet just have to be celebrated.

Michael, my (only surviving) ex, has always been all about health and nutrition, with a special emphasis on alternative modes of healing. So, a couple of years ago, he purchased an ionic foot bath kit. This device is claimed to draw toxins from the body through the soles of the feet, using a mild electric current and slightly salted water.

I've been doing one every day for about a week now.

When the units are sold, they often include a color chart that is supposed to reveal what toxins are, in fact, being drawn out. However, several studies have cast doubt on the accuracy of the color charts. Nevertheless, something changes the color of the water; and I have seen for myself that it isn't the same for each user.

One of the things I've been hoping to take care of during my visit here is my bad Achilles tendons, which have been paining me since last October. We still don't know what has been inflaming them. But I suspect it might be the extended camping diet we've been on, which has possibly made me last alkyline than is optimal. And studies have shown that the body becomes more alkyline for 48 haours after a 30-minute session. So, toxins or not, the foot bath looked like an easy and inpextensive (since Michael already has the equipment) way to explore whether the inflammation eases after a number of sessions

For each session, Michael places a plastic bag around and into the basin, places the electronic array into it, and adds water and a small amount of salt.

There's a wrist band with an electrodethat completes the circuit. There's also an optional warming waste band, which I use as well.

Once all hooked up, all I have to do is sit for 30 minutes, and watch the water in the basin turn pinkish, then dark, then muddy. And regardless of whether the colors actually show the presence of removed toxins, there are also lots and lots of ashy particles floating around by the time the process is over.

I'll be here for another two weeks, and if I can keep up getting one of these foot baths each day until I return to Maui, I should have a good feel for whether my Achilles tendons are, in fact, improving with this treatment.