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More Pool Time

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Occurred: 6/13/2021
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Arizona #Pool #Dominic #Gianna
My official position as grandpa is watching kids in the pool.

This really is a nice neighborhood for kids. My littlest grandkids, Gianna and Dominic, have friends who live within a few doors of their house. And the neighborhood is somewhat secluded, so it's a pretty safe place for them to be. Of course, swimming pools are a potential danger. But the neighbors know that the kids are not permitted in the pool area without an adult present. And today, that adult was me.

Kids at a pool are so great because you never have to suggest things to do. They can always figure something out on their own!

Dominic is a little fish. He holds his breath and swims underwater as well as on the top.

Dominic also loves cleaning and tidying things.

Gianna is also very comfortable in the pool, and has been for several years. Now she wanted me to take pictures of her &*quot;meditating underwater".

Such a little mermaid!

Of couse, eventually, the hardiest kids get tired of swimming. Plus, inevitably, the sun sets.

Nighttime doesn't technically end pool time, as the back yard is lit.