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Cats That Aren't Mine

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 5/27/2024
Occurred: 6/3/2021
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Arizona #Cats
Visiting my grandkids' pets.

I'm staying with my daughter, Jenny, during my Arizona visit. And she has three cats. Two of which she had years ago when she and Zachary (my oldest grandchild) still lived with me; and one who is newer.

The oldest cat is named Cassie. She is sitting all the way to the right in the below extremely rare photoof all three cats at once. Cassie is very shy, and generally cvan't be seen at all. However, she may remember me as being harmless, bvecause she has been letting me see her, lately.

Fluffy is the newest cat, He originally was part of a pair; but poor Snowflake climbed into a car engine and didn't make it out in time.

Despite his brother's fate, Fluffy also likes to go outside. However, he seems content to remain in the enclosed backk yard during his hunting trips.

Fluffy and Milton, the middle cat (in age), seem to be good friends, judging by the amount of time they spend lounging in each others' company.

Milton is the most gregarious and inquisitive of the cats. He also once climbed into a car engine, but was lucky enough to get out with just a broken leg, which healed years ago.

And Milton loves to drap himself over my shoulders, so there's that.