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Growing Pot

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 8/15/2020
Posted: 1/18/2022
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As my mother always used to say, I have a Brown thumb.

Medical marijuana is legal in Hawaii, and I have more than enough conditions to qualify for it. There are a couple of dispensaries on Maui, but the law provides for residents who live away from the cities to grow their own.

And, like everything else in Hawaii, medical marijuana from the dispensaries is hella expensive. Plus, I live on something that used to be called Hana Plantation. So growing my own made perfect sense.

The thing is, when I approach something new, I want to know everything about it before I dive in. So I researched growing pot pretty thoroughly. And, yes, I read more than I watched YouTube videos, though I did watch a few of those.

Now, if I had decided to grow carrots, the seeds would have cost a dollar or two and if the crop failed, I'd have learned something without it costing a lot. But marijuana seeds are freaking expensive, and dispensaries don't sell 'em—you have to buy them online. So I really wanted to get it right the first time.

First I had to create an ideal soil. (This dispite the fact that our neighbor, Rob, threw a handful of seeds he didn't want into a ditch; and they grew like crazy!) This involved taking a little soil nutrient, some peat moss, and some of the local dirt into a slurry.

The bag of peat moss is very heavy, and located in the Solar Shed. After I had added it, I packaged the baby seedling pots onto the quad for trasport down to Keith's and my shed, where I planned to grow them.

After about a week, the first sprout came up! I was so excited!

But then, that was it. Npw, part of the problem was my frequent absences for Doordashiong in Lahaina didn't allow me to pay daily attention to the seedling. And Keith had zero interest in watering or even bringing them out of the rain. (I had left them in the sun, but a heavy shower came up.)

So maybe I'll try again some day after I no longer need the extra money from DoorDashing. Ironically, most of the money I make DoorDashing goes to buying pot!

But at least I got the T-shirt. (A gift from my daughter, Karen.)