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Sheltering In Place

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 4/17/2020
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui
Beautiful pictures from the property where we're quarantined.

So the phrase being used is "sheltering in place". It refers to huddling down whereever one happens to find oneself when a crisis situation occurs (such as coronavirus). I am so grateful every day that Keith and I managed to move here, which we were planning to do anyway, before the Shutdown happened.

Even with trash in a wheelbarrow the place is stunningly beautiful. (And the trash hints at what I'll be doing later today!)

This is our front yard.

So far I haven't seen any spectacular Arizona-style sunsets. But here on Maui's eastern tip our sunsets are equally beautiful, if more subtle.