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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

The Kitchen Sink

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Occurred: 4/28/2020
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Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui
Cows trample but we rescue an essential item.

So, there's Zach's truck, yesterday, the interior of which contains stuff to be taken to the Solar Shed…which wasn't quite finished, and wouldn't be until we had a day without rain.

Today looked a little more promising, but you know what they say about a "red sky at morning".

Despite the indications that today would be another rainy day, we went upstairs to check on things, and found the cows had been at it again, having knocked over several of Jenny's solar yard lights as well as Zach's kitchen sink.

The tub, which had been filled with rainwater just yesterday, was bone dry, suggesting the cows had crowded around it, guzzling every last drop.

However, Keith and I had been eyeing that sink for awhile and brought it down to our shed.

We still have to hook up the water pump and fill the trash can⁄reservoir, but the rain started in again, so…another day.