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Indigo Springs Apartments

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/19/2024
Posted: 11/2/2019
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Topics: #Autobiography #IndigoSpringsApartments
Keith's and my latest apartment.

After spending a year sharing an apartment with Michael (and, a half-year with Michael and his friend Roman), Keith and I decided to move into our own apartment. But we liked Michael's apartment complex; so we got another, one-bedroom, apartment at the same place: Indigo Springs Apartments.

First, let's look at the exterior of the first-floor apartment, starting with the entrance, and working over to the porch (or is it a balcony?).

Here's my kids' art wall. as proud of them as I am now that they are nearing their forties, I'm still proud of their childhood and teen accomplishments.

And then there's the bedroom. The cap collection on the wall is an idea I got from my friend, Mike Bruening. The quilt was handmade and a wedding present from Keith's sister.

We even have an interesting neighbor!

Recently, the complex changed management (and, I think, owners) and they decided to repaint the place. It had been, as seen above, a typical adobe-color place. Now, despite the place's name, Indigo Springs, there's neither any springs nor anything indigo. You'd think if they were going to repaint, they'd at least trim with indigo. But, no, they went for this pale sage.

Every now and then the complex sponsors some sort of food truck service. Sometimes they even spring for the meal.

The complex has two pools. The rear one is closer to Michael's apartment; it does not have a Jacuzzi.

The one towards the front is the closest to our apartment, and does.

The place is actually rather pretty at night.

Nice place, isn't it? I think we're likely to stay awhile. Unless, of course, we get an unexpected invitation to move to Hawaii!