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New Furnishings

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
Posted: 3/28/2010
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Blog Entry posted March 28, 2010, in which we add to the family room, living room, and pool area.

Since I got back early from my camping trip, Michael suggested I pick up end tables and a coffee table for our still-sparsely-furnished living room. Then, we spent a couple of hours at the swap meet down the street, where Jenny bought new pool furniture. Finally, Jenny and Zach put up the family room curtains, which came with the house but I'd paid $90 to have dry cleaned. So, it's time for a few more house pictures.

The two new chaise lounges picked up from the swap meet were the easiest to place. Jenny put one in full sunlight. This one includes a canopy to protect one's head from excessive sun.

New pool lounges.

This next shot shows both chairs, and also a hose in the pool. That goes to the automatic pool vacuum, which Jenny also bought, at a 60% discount from the local pool shop guy, who we think has a crush on her. Which is fine, if it means we continue to get bargains and advice on how to deal with the pool!

New pool lounges.

It's still a little too cool to swim, but I know Jenny's attention to this is really going to pay off once the thermometer starts hitting 105°.

Zach and Jenny put up the curtains.There were heavy, custom-made curtains in the family room when we bought the house. We took them down, fixtures and all, so we could paint the room a lighter color (it had been dark brown).

And then, since they were down, I decided to bring them to the cleaner's. After all, who knew when—or ever!—the previous owners had gotten them cleaned. When I got them back, I was surprised at two things: 1) They cost $90 to clean (my top estimate had been $20, $30 tops); and 2) They were about two shades lighter than they had been before.

But that was a month ago, and I hadn't had a chance to put them up yet. Fortunately, Jenny enjoys spending her weekends fixing the place up. So she and Zach re-installed the fixtures while I put the clips into the drapes. By the time evening came, the curtains were up. And they certainly do change the "feel" of the room!

Our family room, with drapes.

As mentioned, I had picked up end tables and a coffee table from Ikea for an incredibly low price. Of course, they had to be assembled, which I did while sitting on the sofa watching Guys and Dolls. As I completed each one, I then carried it into the living room. I had to move the sofa there to another wall, as the sofa's original location wasn't wide enough for the sofa and two end tables. But, no matter. The new location looks fine.

The living room, with end and coffee tables.

Obviously, we aren't done with the living room yet. It needs a couple of easy chairs and some lamps, at least. But, baby steps. Baby steps.