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More Home Improvements

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/15/2024
Posted: 3/22/2010
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Topics: #NatalAvenueHouse
Michael adds a few more touches to our decor.

While Jenny, Zach and I were camping, Michael (in between bouts of studying) was adding to the appeal of our mansion, with a little table and a fully-loaded china cabinet.

Stairwell table, looking up.First, the table. There's probably a special name for this piece of furniture, but the point is, is goes on the landing of the stairway, and has no purpose than to provide something to look at while one rests Stairwell table, looking down.before tacking the rest of the stairs.

It also looks nice from the top, looking down.

Then, the china cabinet.

Well, even before that, Michael bought and assembled a bookcase in which to stack our "good" dishes. Prior to that, they'd been stacked on the kitchen table, preventing us from using it for any other purpose. So the bookshelf was very helpful. But we'd long wanted a proper china cabinet to show off some of Michael's very nice pieces. We were finally able to buy that a few weeks ago, and this weekend Michael got it loaded and suitable for documenting. So, here's our dining room:

Our dining room.

The china cabinet.Obviously, our next and final step for the dining room will be an actual dining room table and chairs.

But the nice thing about owning a house, is that one can take one's time in decorating it. There's no rush.

I particularly like that this room isn't cluttered, even though it contains a lot of useful and decorative stuff.

Anyway, here's a better view of the china cabinet. Unfortunately, you still can't really make out details of Michael's beautiful angels on display. Maybe one of these days I can post an angel hunt, with close-ups of each of the exquisite pieces found throughout the house.