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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

Moving Boxes

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
Posted: 9/26/2009
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Topics: #Humor #Moving #NatalAvenuehouse
We surround ourselves with an impenetrable wall of moving boxes.

The date for our move into our new home is fast approaching…even though we aren't certain what that date is. But it'll probably be either next weekend or the one after. And so, we are packing. I've filled four or five boxes already. Jenny and Zach, together, have packed maybe ten. And Michael has packed about 200.

On the plus side, the boxes haven't cost us too much. The small size is only 67ยข apiece at the Home Depot down the street. And we have friends who will be moving after us, who have offered to buy our boxes when they're unpacked for half-price.

To document the activity, I took a couple of shots this morning to show the enormity of this undertaking. (Also, taking pictures kept me from having to pack.)

Michael completes a box.

We now have boxes stacked so high we cannot reach all the light switches. The overhead lamp in the family room has been on since the Reagan Administration, or so it feels.

Boxes have created walls where we did not previously have walls.

The family room seating is still accessible, but is walled off from the rest of the house. We had hoped this might keep the sound of the TV from annoying John and Rachel so much, but it seems to be amplifying it instead.

Family Room is not Box Room.

In addition to old stuff going to the new house, we have things like cans of paint bought specifically for the new house. We plan to do some painting before we move any furniture (or boxes) into it.

Paint for the new house.

Our pets have found this whole experience to be fraught with distress. Cirrus, the black lab, spends most of the day upstairs, hiding behind a stack of boxes. Amber the shar pei/pit bull hasn't moved off of "her" love seat. Cassie, one of the cats, keeps prowling the boxes. And we haven't seen the other cat, Milton, for a week and a half.

Boxes replace pet gates.

But it will all be over soon!