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Christmas Wish List

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/3/2024
Posted: 12/5/2006
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My Christmas wish list for 2006.
Christmas Wish List

I hate making out these lists. Frankly, it seems like anyone who knows me well enough to be giving me a gift, should know what I might like. However, everyone who does know me, says they need a list. I do have a wish list at

My Wish List

But here are some additional things I wouldn't mind having, in no particular order:


That's what I figure I need to make everyone in both Michael's and my families comfortable for the rest of their lives. Actually, I've been hoping this would come in via PowerBall, but so far it hasn't. So if, say, Bill Gates happens to be reading this and has been wondering what to get me in gratitude for the hours of thought-provoking yet humorous prose, well, $60,000,000 would about do it. And I promise I will send a thank-you card!

Computer Tool Kit

My son borrowed mine and the tools have disappeared. Even though most everyone in the house now has a laptop, I don't; and I do occasionally need to take desktop my computer apart.

Besides, I'm a computer professional. I should own a little toolkit.

Jeff Harnar

Or rather, Jeff's CDs. Jeff is a regional artist, mostly in New York, who has the most amazing voice and really does justice to standards. I already have his Dancing In The Dark and 1959 Broadway Songbook. But I'd love a copy of Because Of You: 50s Goldor, if you can find it, Sammy Cahn: All The Way, which is currently out-of-print. (By the way, while you're shopping, pick up a copy of Dancing In The Darkfor yourself. You will never hear a more romantic album!


This awesome movie has just been released on DVD, and I can't wait to get it. Starring Jonathan Silverman and Helen Slater (who I will always love because her first film was the ill-fated Supergirl), it never made it to theatres because Groundhog Day was released first. This film also features a "time bounce" that causes one character to relive one day over and over—but the woman that character likes get murdered, and he must figure out a way to prevent that and stop the bounces before the Universe is destroyed. Romance, murder, and science fiction make an unbeatable flick.

1gb Micro SD Memory Card

This will go into my cell phone, which doubles as an MP3 player, and allow it to contain more than six songs at a time.

8gb USB Flash Drive

Although this one will have been sold by the time you look it up, the link will give you an idea what I'm talking about. These flash drives make it easy to bring a load of music or other files to work without having to reload it every morning. I love my 1gb flash drive, but I would love an 8gb flash drive eight times as much!

Stretchable Blue Jeans

I've been off Atkins since October, with no hope of returning to it until after the Christmas leftovers have gone to my waist. There's only one pair of long pants in the house I can fit, and they're Michael's! 40"x30", elastic waistline blue jeans.


I do like to wear it once in awhile. I used to wear Georgio Red, but I understand they don't make that anymore; so I guess I'll have to try something new. Anything but Old Spice! My grandfather used to wear that; and if there's anyone I don't want to smell like, it's my granddad. Or Dick Cheney on a quail hunt.

Flat Panel Monitor

I wouldn't mind getting one of these…my CRT takes up so much space on my desk, my nose all but rubs against the glass while I work. Also, it's a 20" and has a beautiful image, but draws enough electricity to power Las Vegas. A flat panel replacement would need to be at least 20" full screen, or 19" widescreen, though.

Peace On Earth

Instead of flipping off the next driver to annoy you, give him or her a smile. Offer the Mormon missionaries riding through your neighborhood some lemonade. Invite your widowed neighbor to Christmas dinner. Peace begins at home, and all of us have the ability to make the world a slightly better better place…and I'd rather have that than all the flash drives in China!