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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

Adam Parker Pye

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
Occurred: 4/1/1971
Posted: 1/13/2016
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All I know about my high school girlfriend's baby.

When I was a sophomore in high school, my school, St. Joseph Academy, had both "day" students and "boarding" students. I dated one of the boarders, Marrianne Pye, that year, which was the last St. Joe had boarders. So, after that, I could no longer date her, since she lived in Titusville, Florida, about a 2 hours' drive south of me. But we remained friends, exchanging letters on a monthly basis.

After graduation, I occasionally visited her; we even talked to each other on long-distance once in awhile. And that's how I learned she'd gotten a new boyfriend, and pregnant, and was going to move away with him to some remote (Missouri?) location.

A few months later, she was back at home with her mother and stepfather. The boyfriend had turned out to be abusive; Marianne had to knock him out with an iron skillet in self-defense. When he came to, Marianne had already left.

This is, of course, completely contrary to Catholic doctrine; and Marianne knew this full well. Still…it was a priest who said it, and thus it carried a lot of weight. This became one of the reasons I left the Church: too many ignorant and bigoted people end up in positions of authority and from there gleefully ruin people's lives. While I'm sure these people are in the minority, nevertheless the very structure of organized religion supports this kind of abuse.

She called me very upset one day. It seems she had gone to confession, like a good Catholic; and the priest had told her that her unwed pregnancy was the "one sin God would never forgive" and that she was going to hell and nothing she did or said could change that.

And so…there she was. In Titusville, two hours south of me, pregnant, and broken.

How could I resist?

And so I wrote her a proposal letter.

It was beautiful. It was eight pages long, carefully written in perfect penmanship. Every other page contained a poem of love; in between were all the reasons she should marry me: Support, another parent, someone who would never, ever strike her or give her cause to be defensive.

Nowhere in this proposal did I actually say I was in love. Because I wasn't. I just wanted to rescue her.

It was probably the gayest marriage proposal ever.

A few days after sending it, I called to see if it had arrived. It had.

So…what did she think upon reading it?

"I laughed," she said. Apparently, somehow, she'd thought I wasn't serious. She never actually turned me down, and I never actually rescinded. But, obviously, we weren't going to marry.

Anyway, she gave birth to Adam Parker Pye, and I drove down to see the baby. That's when these photos were taken.

Claire and Neil Burnside

These were Marianne's mother and stepfather. They lived in Titusville, Florida with their daughter, Marianne Pye.

Adam Parker Pye

Adam was born to Marianne in late 1970.

Me And Adam

Although I was not Adam's father, the man who was was no longer in the picture. (He'd been abusive and Marianne left him after defending herself with an iron skillet.) But, as everyone who knows me knows, I love babies!

Adam Parker Pye sitting

Adam Parker Pye reading

Adam standing...sort of.

These photos were taken in spring 1971; and Adam looks to be 6 months old.

Adam reclining

Me and Adam