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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind


By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 6/20/2024
Occurred: 6/1/1969
Posted: 5/3/2024
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Topics: #Autobiography #StJoesphAcademy #StAugustine
When one era ends, another begins.

My graduating class graduated high school on the first of June, 1969. This was just a few weeks before the first humans visited the Moon. Here are the photos. (Of the graduation, not the Moon.)

My mom saved the programme from the ceremony, of course.

We also got our class picture in the paper. Unfortunately, since I didn't take it, I don't have a better version to show here.

But I did take photos of my classmates (and myself) in our caps and gowns, outside the school. These photos were taken in advance, of course, so they could appear in the yearbook. Please note that I've provided names for everyone by row, starting at the back, left to right.

Veronica Bell; Debbie Reyes; Sandy Meserve; Nancy Alexander
Kathy McGrath; Karen Estrada; Terrie Wiecking
Janet Andreu; Jenny Horty

Dave McDonald
Dennis Petty; Ken Barrett; Charlie Hartley; Steve Grofenhurst
Joe Oliveros; Annette Davis; Frank Cyr

Thomas Jackson; John Palmes
Mike Masters; Paul Cilwa

Janis Triay; Carolyn Poli; Dianna Bishop; Janice Carter
Mary Steinberg; Faye Norton; Kim Ellzey
Nancy McLaughlin; Susan Stanton; Debby Dean

Charlie Thomas; Eddie Drozd; Bobby McAloon
Theresa Pandolfini; Mary Ellen Dobbs; Billy Langston; Danny Guidi
Suzette Chauvin; Pam Pritchard; Gail Leonardi

I'm not sure why I took solo photos of Susan and John. Perhaps they asked? In any case, here they are:

Susan Stanton

John Christopher Palmes

This photo of Mary Steinberg was taken by her parents, outside the church at our actual graduation. I wound up with it because, just a few years later, we married.

Mary Steinberg

And then…that was it for my experiences at St Joseph Academy.

Until I came back a couple years later to teach choir! But that's a story for another day.